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Welcome to Vampie's Diary!

This is where good taste goes to die.


This site contains/ may contain at the future written depiction of sexual acts and violence, as well as bad formatting. Enter at your own risk! This site is also a WIP.

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Update 7/25/2021 NO. 2

The first entry is available for download. I'll be working on this site some more as time goes on, but I'd like to have some content up to represent the site's purpose in the meantime. So enjoy the rough html in the meantime!

Read the first one here!

Update 7/25/2021

Just made this site. I've actually been writing these things for awhile now, so this is the first time I'll be releasing these things into the wild and not just my private discord server. Hopefully you hate them just as much as I do! A bit of backstory: I began writing these things to parody bad fanfiction, the type of thing you'd see on an 11 year old's wattpad. Being rife with spelling errors due to my insistence on only using notepad to write only added to the "expirience". Eventually they evolved (or devolved) into me trying to one up myself with the strange crap I could write, all in an effort to gross out my one friend. I honestly do not know how he is still friends with me. Be warned: things might get a little NSFW.